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January 2011

42! Babelfish not needed.

They’re ordering food in Hindi… without knowing a single word of Hindi. (Apparently it’s quite accurate!) Unfortunately, Google Translate won’t help you …

Typefaces of the World [Shelby White]

Gorgeously presented data makes my heart happy. This poster by Shelby White, self-described as designer and photographer based out of Seattle, is no …

Screebbul [Gemma Correll]

Heehee! by Gemma Correll (Whose site I also quite enjoy. Lots more goodies in her portfolio!) via My Modern Metropolis


Reeder [Website]

I haven’t drooled over a site in a while. Visit this site for the reeder app, hover over each option and see …


To Resolve Project

New Years Resolutions turned into iPhone backgrounds! I love these. I’m going to use them on my phone. Better yet, I should …



Splendid logo! [Seen in Shanghai]