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Thought Bubble -> Cloud -> Puddle

This is thoroughly charming. My thought bubbles frequently do strange things, but never quite like this. But the next time they envelop …


  Dear Fork, I understand that we haven’t spoken since I ran away with the dish, but I thought you should know …

Meat Here

I love word play! Spotted and taken by P&M Adventures! at the Portland State University Farmer’s Market.

Light Blubs!

Light BLUB! [Pieke Bergmans]

created by Pieke Bergmans These light blubs (not bulbs!) bring joy to my life. I also enjoy the sound effects they inspire …

Screebbul [Gemma Correll]

Heehee! by Gemma Correll (Whose site I also quite enjoy. Lots more goodies in her portfolio!) via My Modern Metropolis

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

For the next time you want to give your layout dummy text a bit of flavor: Gangsta Lorem Ipsum dummy text generator! Lorem …