Wayne McGregor on TED: Misbehave more beautifully

“I’m absolutely obsessed with finding a way of communicating ideas through the body to audiences that might move them, touch them, help them think differently about things.”

Great TED talk by Wayne McGregor where you see him shaping a dance (inspired by the physical letters of T, E, D) in real time.

It’s especially interesting as I’ve been thinking about the nature of creation, and how “copying” relates to (or feeds?) the creative process. (Read this Brainpicking article for more.) That’s a side discussion however.

Watch the video, go dance!

“I’m hoping that today, what you’re going to do is go away and make a dance for yourself, and if not that, at least misbehave more beautifully, more often.”

Read/watch more at the TED blog >>

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